How to Customize USB Flash Drives Bulk from China Factory

Many companies are intended to order some custom usb drives with their own logo as promotional giveaways. But, according to my customers, many of them had the bad experiences with the product quality. Especially, from the suppliers who sell the usb flash drives at very low price in order to get the order from people who get low budget. The suppliers use hacker software to change the usb’s capacity from low to hgih, you will see the the changed capacity on the computer, but its real storage will not change, you cannot find it if you don’t test it with tools.

How to find a good supplier for your usb giveawyas?

Find a reliable usb flash drive supplier in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is the only place that provide 90% of the world’s usb flash drives on the earth. Only shenzhen get a full supply chain of usb flash drives including chips, pcba, shells, molding, printing and so on.

Avoid fake capacity usb flash drives.

Many suppliers just supply low capacity usb drives but they hack the usb capacity to make a low capacity usb into a high capacity usb. You must know how to test a usb flash drive to identify it fake or real.

Learn how to test a usb flash drive.

There are some tools to test a custom usb drive real or not. For exampe H2

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