Eco USB Flash Drives

There are many kinds of eco-friendly usb flash drives, such as wooden flash drives, paper usb sticks and bamboo usb sticks.  All the materials are green, environment friendly and recycled. All these usb sticks can be printed or etched with your logo and we can also supply them with lanyards, key rings and attractive presentation boxes. In recent years, eco friendly products become more and more popular. The demand for eco-friendly usb flash drives with company logo is also growing rapidly. When users use eco usb flash drives, they will feel surprised and happy, which will bring a great impression on your brand. However, the cost of an eco usb stick is higher than that of an ordinary usb stick. Don’t worry, we are an usb drive manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. We can provide the best quality products with fairy price. As we all know, 100% of the world’s USB flash drives are made in in Shenzhen, China. Only Shenzhen has the full supply chain in this industry. We can supply thousands of different shapes of eco usb drives, and even can make your unique wooden or bamboo usb drives according to your designs.

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